Discount Movers is One of the Oldest and Top Rated San Diego Moving Companies

Over 20 Years of Experience, A+ BBB Ratings, Lowest Rates,

Careful, Experienced Movers and Fast!

Fast, Efficient Service Saves You Money When Paying By the Hour: 

Discount Movers is a family owned San Diego moving company that has served the company for over 20 years.   We are very proud to have a 68% repeat business/referral business with a unique philosophy to serve our customers with a model that is good for our customers and our hard working movers.  We believe in motivating our movers to save our customer’s money with FAST, EFFICIENT service, versus being at a customer’s home all day. When paying by the hour, fast and efficient San Diego moving service saves our customers money.

Our movers have two scheduled moves a day versus being at the same person’s home all day.  A win/win. Our movers LOVE IT and our customers LOVE it. We value our professional movers, many of which have chosen to be part of our team for years.  We also greatly value and appreciate our repeat customers who move with us 2-12 times or more over a 20-year span.  Our moving team is here to make your moving day a success! 

Our fully licensed and insured movers work fast and efficiently to save you money when paying by the hour. In addition, Discount Movers San Diego is proud to have the highest repeat business and referrals (68%) due to providing excellent, consistent service time and time again. We often move the day customer 5-12 times as they transition through life. Over the years we have earned a reputation for EXCELLENCE and never stop working to delight our customers.

At Discount Movers, we believe that your MOVING day is the first experience you will have in your new home and we work very hard to make your San Diego moving experience a great one. Learn more about our other services including local moving packing, storage moving, and truck loading.

“The crew from Discount Movers arrived on time and moved our possessions quickly and professionally. They did more then I expected and the entire job was the smoothest I have ever had. We’re not planning to move anytime soon, but when we do we’ll call Discount Movers again.
Mike Sheppard

Staff Engineer, Qualcomm

“It was extremely helpful, both workers were very efficient and go the move done very quickly. It was nice to not have to worry about the security of my belongings. I knew that they were well taken care of. Everything made it to my new apartment intact and was placed exactly where I needed it to be. Thank you for a job well done!”
Saundra Combs

Discount Movers Mission

“To make our customers moving day a GREAT day! Our clients feel great saving money on a high quality move with a team who cares. Our movers in San Diego are fast and friendly and work hard to protect your valuables and provide excellent service.

Moving is always a transition in life. Sometimes it is happy and sometimes the transition is scary or unknown depending on the reason for the move. Discount Mover’s team works hard to make our customer’s moving day, the first day of their transition,  positive helpful and cost effective. We are proud that a high percentage of or customers move with us multiple times throughout the years. Each time, we want to start their transition as a great experience! 

  • We Work Hard to Earn Your Business Not Just Once, But for a Lifetime

    As one of the oldest local San Diego moving companies, Discount Movers works hard to earn your business not just once, but every time you move in San Diego. Entrusting us to move your belongings is something we take seriously, and we work hard to make your move a great experience each and every time you move.

  • Our Philosophy is To Only Hire Professional & Experienced San Diego Movers

    One of the reasons that we have grown to be one of the leading local San Diego moving companies, is because of the fact that we only hire the most experienced professional movers in San Diego.

  • Discount Movers has one of the Highest Repeat Business & Referral Ratings

    68% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals; which is highly unusual in this industry. Our strong customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth helps us keep our prices very low, and our service high.

  • Cost Savings Occur with Fast San Diego When You Are Paying By The Hour!


  • Our local moving company in San Diego has earned a reputation as being one of the fastest San Diego moving companies.

    How to save money moving in San Diego? Hire Discount Movers with their fast service. When paying by the hour, this saves you money.

  • Lowest San Diego Moving Rates

    Not only are our rates low for professional licensed San Diego movers, but we receive compliments every day about how professional are movers are, the speed and skill at which they worked and how their belongings with handled with great care.

  • Low Employee Turnover Rate Ensures Consistency of Service

    bOne of the ways we are able to keep our rates low compared to other San Diego moving companies is because of the fact that we have has a very low turnover rate. This benefits you because it not only helps you save money with low rates, but it helps you receive consistent, top notch service throughout the years. Most of our team has been with us from 4-8 years; which is highly unusual in the industry.

  • Pre-approved by all the leading moving insurance companies Discount Movers has one of the lowest damage claims from local San Diego moving companies.


  • Our San Diego Moving Company Team Cares about the Success of Your Move

    The first step toward doing a great job, is wanting to.  As one of the leading San Diego moving companies, with over 20 years of experience in helping to make our customers move a great experience. Read our moving tips