When To Use 3 Movers Versus 2 Movers?

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Having The Right Number of Movers Saves You Money & Protects Your Valuables!

If you are moving locally, you will soon see that moving companies will either recommend that you use 4 movers, 3 movers or 2 movers. Why?

Why would a moving company recommend that you use 3 movers versus 2 movers? After all, the hourly rate for 2 movers for every moving company in the U.S. is less than what the hourly rate is for 3 movers.

Over time we have found that many customers ask us if we are recommending 3 movers because we make “more money.” The answer is NO! NO!  NO! If we wanted to make more money we would provide incentives for our movers to be super slow and customers would pay for 10 hours versus 4. Actually, we make less money with 3 movers, as we have three movers to pay the full price of their salary, yet our customers are not paying full price for having fast and more movers.

In those situations when we recommend 3 or 4 movers, we do so to HELP our customers save money and protect their valuables.

Discount Movers makes recommendations as to how many movers you need to HELP our customers so you can save the most amount of money and best protect your valuables!


“We moved to Huntington Beach last month and Discount Movers helped us with everything. They packed for us, brought all the boxes we needed and moved us into our new home. The movers were so nice and I couldn’t believe how quickly the entire process went. Actually, I must say, I think this was the only move I have had where something didn’t get broken.”

Mark and Pam B.

Why Do You SAVE MONEY With 3 Movers in Certain Situations?

When you have the correct number of movers, you will save money on the total cost of your move, even though the hourly cost might be higher. That is where it is difficult to explain to people.

When paying by the hour, even if you pay more per hour for 3 movers versus 2 movers, if your overall move is completed three hours earlier….then you have saved money on the total cost of your move.

Real Case Example:

  • Our hourly rate for 2 movers on the weekends is $88 as published on our web site.
  • Our hourly rate for 3 movers is $125 as published on our web site.

FACT: Three movers will ALWAYS move faster then 2 movers.

Two Scenarios:

  • If 2 movers take 7. hours to complete a job, you will be spending $616 plus tip.
  • If 3 movers take 4 hours to complete the same job, you will be spending  $500 plus tip.


That is right, you will save at least $116.00 dollars, your movers were not as tired, they worked faster, and they were better able to protect your valuables in all the difficult moving situations that came up such as moving stairs, heavy items, or walking long distances from the truck to your home.

What Situations Are Your Valuables BETTER PROTECTED With 3 Movers?

3-4 movers are often REQUIRED for more challenging moves. The benefit of having 3-4 movers in challenging moving situations is your movers are less fatigued, they will be faster, you will save money, and as a result they will be able to handle difficult moving situations more effectively to help protect your valuables.


3-4 Movers Are Needed To Effectively Protect Valuables When There is: 
1. Very large furniture
2. Heavy furniture and/or heavy items.
3. Large jobs.
4. Extensive stairs
5. Challenging moving situations
6. Long walking distances from the truck to your home
7. Hoisting furniture up to decks and difficult places
8. Some locations in San Diego are very difficult to park and move…often requiring help from a 3rd mover.

We hope this is helpful in understand why we make the recommendations we do to have either 2 movers or 3 movers.

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