Register to Vote in San Diego

Discount Movers is a local San Diego moving company, and we here to help you with any of your local San Diego moving needs. If you are new to San Diego and are interested in registering to vote in San Diego, we hope the following information is helpful.

In San Diego, you can register to vote three ways.

1. Print a form and mail in a form

2. Pick up a post card at one of the following places, and mail it in.

  • ROV Main Office
  • City Clerks’ Offices
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • U.S. Postal Services
  • Public Libraries

3. Register online

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Moving Tips San Diego

Save Money Moving and Save Time Unpacking!  

If boxes are labeled, our San Diego movers know what room to put the boxes in at your new home. Oodles of time will be saved unpacking if each box is placed in the room that it belongs in. Also, there will be no delays with your San Diego moving company not knowing where to place boxes which will save you money.