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1. Experienced, Top Rated San Diego Movers
The average tenure and industry experience for our San Diego movers is 4-8 years, which is important when you are moving your valuables!

2. Low Rates with High Quality
As a result of the sheer volume of business that we do in San Diego and our high repeat business rating, we are able to keep our rates low, and our quality high.
3. Save Money with Fast & Top Rated Movers
Our rates are low and our top rated San Diego movers are FAST. Fast movers are important when you are paying by the hour. Every day we are told that we were able to complete a move in 1/2 the time it took their last moving company.

4. Top Scores in the San Diego BBB
We are proud that we have the highest rating in the BBB for the volume of business we do, and we have won several service awards for outstanding service.

5. Highest Repeat Business in the Industry
With over 20 years of service to San Diego, we have a reputation for excellence and work hard every day to make sure our customers have an excellent moving experience.

6. Pre-approved With Leading Moving Insurance Companies- Due To Our Low Claims
Due to Discount Mover’s top rated San Diego movers that have a very low claim history, Discount Movers has been pre-approved with all the major moving insurance companies. Learn about Moving Insurance compared to Basic Valuation Insurance that professional movers include

7. History of Happy Customers
Our San Diego movers work very hard to serve your San Diego moving needs not just once, but for a lifetime!

8. Fully Licensed, Insured and Member of the American Moving Association.
Discount Movers is a fully licensed and Insured San Diego moving company.Discount Movers is fully licensed and insured, a member of the San Diego BBB, and includes FREE basic valuation coverage included with every move.

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