Top Five Moving Tips That Sometimes People Don't Think About

1. Don’t Move belongings that you don’t want
The most important advice to save money on your move is “don’t move stuff you don’t need! ” For a long move, it will cost at least 80¢ per pound to move something. The more belongings you have, the more it costs even with local moves, as you are paying by the hour. Why pay to move items that you really don’t need. This is a wonderful opportunity to hold a garage sale or donate belongings to your favorite charity. Your contribution may be tax deductible and you will save money on your move.

2. Hire the correct number of movers based on the size of your home
For larger moves, hiring more movers will actually save you money. Depending on your specific situation, Discount Movers will let you know the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific needs. (Two men and a truck, three men and a truck or four men and a truck, or multiple trucks for larger moves.)

3. Choose the correct boxes
Moves will last longer when people have not packed their items in the correct boxes. The reason being is if the items in the boxes are too heavy professional movers will advise you against moving them in order to protect your valuables. Therefore, time will be spent repacking in smaller boxes. The other risk is the boxes will be moved and they will break because they are too heavy. Follow our box moving guidelines and you will not have any problems.

4. Be completely packed when the movers arrive
If movers have to wait for you to finish putting items in boxes, it will take longer then if all the time spent is moving your already packed boxes. If you are completely packed when the movers arrive, there will be no delays. Since you are paying by the hour, this will substantially cut the amount of time required for the move.

5. Label all your boxes in big BOLD print and this will save you money
On each box, take a big black pen and write the name of the room that you want the box to go in, and label what is inside the box. i.e. Master bedroom, Sheets. This saves the movers time in knowing where you want the boxes to be moved to. They will not need to ask you for each box, which consumes a lot of time. Also it will save you time knowing what is inside the box. Also, if something has fragile items in it, place fragile on the box. If they need to ask you for all the boxes, extra time will be used.

Label each box with:
A. The room you want the movers to put the box in
B. What is inside of the box.

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