Sizes of Moving Boxes

Do You Know What Sizes of Moving Boxes You Need?

Our San Diego movers recommend using specific sizes of moving boxes, to pack specific items into. There are industry standard professional moving boxes that were manufactured to be used for packing specific items.

A general rule of thumb when determining sizes of moving boxes and what to place in them is to pack your belongings into the smallest size of moving the box that it will fit into. The biggest danger when packing is putting too many items into a moving box or using too big of a box. It is very easy for a moving box to become too heavy to carry, to become at risk for damage with things knocking together inside the box, and/or breaking the box because the items are too heavy.

If you follow these general guidelines of what to put inside your moving boxes, you will not have any problems packing or moving.

Sizes of Moving Boxes and How to Pack Them

Type of Moving Box Description of What Should Be Placed Inside Specific Items
Anything that can fit in the small moving boxes should be put inside of this size of box. This box is ideal for books, CS and office supplies.

Books, CDs, DVDs,

Office Supplies, Typing paper.

Medium moving boxes are the most wonderful size of box for moving. They are deep and hold a lot, but size the right size to not overpack. Most of your belongings should be placed in this size of box. Pots, Pans, Folded Clothes, Plastic Toys,

Be particularly careful when using this size of moving box. Some movers do not use these at all. If you do use this size, only place items that will not fit in any another size in this moving box. Lightweight bulky, or large items.

Kitchen boxes are actually larger than large boxes, but they are made in a stronger way to support the needs of heavy dishware. These boxes are taller and very, very strong so you can put appliances and dishes which can get very heavy.

Comforters, Pillows, sofa pillows,

Wardrobe Moving Boxes are moving boxes with a bar at the top that enable you to hang your clothes inside of the box. Wardrobe moving boxes are a wonderful time-saving boxes for transporting clothes with ease. Often you can save your wardrobe moving boxes after you move, and keep them in the garage to store seasonal clothes.

As a general guidelines (1) 20 inch wardrobe will typically support a six foot closet that is not packed with clothes. Most people need 2 wardrobes for every six foot closet.

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Hanging Clothes in your closet. Don’t forget to pack your coat closet too!

Wardrobe boxes with the bar are also useful for large sculptures, golf clubs, brooms and vacuum cleaners.

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