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Storage Movers Will Move You into Any Storage You Choose:

Our San Diego storage movers will move your belongings into any storage unit in San Diego. You pick the San Diego storage unit that best fits your needs, and Discount Movers will move you in or out of storage. Our storage movers are fast and efficient, which will save you money when moving by the hour.

If you are renting your own rental truck to move into storage, Discount Movers will LOAD and/or UNLOAD your truck into your storage unit. Discount Movers Truck Loading Services 

Our Professional Storage Packers will Maximize the Space In Your Storage Unit to Help Save Money:

  1. Maximized space, means a smaller unit which costs less.
  2. Best practice methods of how to store and protect valuables while storing
  3. The proactive thought of how you will use your storage unit. (Will you need access to certain items)
  4. Our storage movers will help prevent you from hurting your back, as we do this for a living every day.  Safe Lifting Techniques

San Diego Storage Movers Tips on Self-Storage Sizes:

When moving into self-storage San Diego, people have many different reasons as to why they need self-storage and for how long. Some people just need a temporary place to put their belongings while others have long-term storage needs.

If you need access to many different items, you might need a bigger unit so you have flexibility to find things. The smaller the unit you have, the less cost.

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5 X 10 Self Storage San Diego

This San Diego self-service storage unit would fit the contents of a large walk-in closet. Contents might include a sofa, chair, bedroom set, boxes and misc items. Ideal for a studio apartment.

10 X 10 Self Storage San Diego

This storage unit is about the size of a small bedroom and will hold the furniture (excluding major appliances) from a one-bedroom apartment.

10 X 15 Self Storage San Diego

This storage unit could hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

10 X 20 Self Storage San Diego

This storage unit is a similar size to a one-car garage. It’s big enough for furniture, appliances, and personal items from a two-bedroom house.

10 X 30 Self Storage San Diego Unit

This storage unit could hold the contents of a three-bedroom house.

1. Soap: Remember storage units can get hot and soap can melt and ruin other belongings that are packed with it.

2. Wooden furniture: Wood can easily warp and get damaged if it gets too hot or too cold.

3. Leather: This isn’t as much of an issue in San Diego, as cold affects leather the most. It can also easily mildew.

4. Appliances: Washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, they have motorized parts and don’t do well in non-climate controlled storage units.

5. Comic Books or Old Magazines: Moisture can destroy them if they are left in storage too long.

7. Music Instruments: Instruments are very fragile and can easily be damaged in a storage unit.

8. Photo Albums: Moisture and heat can ruin pictures.

If you need to purchase moving boxes and supplies you can have them shipped free to your doorstep.

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