What Does Being Completely Packed Mean?

Be Completely Packed In Moving Boxes BEFORE Your Movers Arrive.

#1 TIP: Be Completely Packed BEFORE Movers Arrive

To Save Money On Hourly Moving Costs, Be Completely Packed In Moving Boxes BEFORE Your Movers Arrive.
Do NOT Attempt To Pack The Day Of Your Move; You Will Not Have Time!

Being 100% packed is the #1 MOST important tip that will save you money on the cost of your move!

You are paying by the HOUR, so if you are completely packed when our movers arrive, your San Diego movers will be able to do their job quickly and efficiently which will save the MOST amount of money!
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Why is it important to be completely packed BEFORE your movers arrive?

When you hire a local San Diego movers like Discount Movers, you are paying by the hour. Therefore, if you are not ready to move and the movers have to wait while you pack your moving boxes for example, then your move will take a longer.

Therefore, the biggest way you can save money on the cost of your move, is to be completely ready to move BEFORE your movers arrive.

What Does Being Completely Packed Mean?

1. All of Your Belongings Should be Placed in Moving Boxes-Any loose items that you want to be moved should be placed inside of moving boxes that are shut, taped and closed.

2. Furniture should be empty: Any furniture that holds something, like dressers, should be completely empty before the movers arrive. (It is too heavy to carry furniture that has belongings inside of it, and it is the safest way to move your belongings when they are removed from the piece of furniture)

Empty All your furniture out including: 
-Dressers (Even things like socks, sweaters etc, should be in moving boxes) 
-China Hutches
-Drawers that are part of any furniture should be empty
-Beds with drawers
-TV hutches
-Any piece of furniture that holds something inside of it.

3. Disconnect Television and Stereos: TV and stereos should be removed from the furniture that holds them. The TV and Stereo should be placed in boxes if you want your moving company to transport them.

4. All Loose Items Are in Moving Boxes
– Makes sure that any loose items are inside of a moving box. Sometimes people don’t realize how much packing they still have to do when there are misc items laying around the house.

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