San Diego walkable communities is something that more and more of our customers are saying is important to them when moving into the areas. Walkability of a San Diego community is important to people of all kinds include professionals, seniors, single people, couples and those with families. 

Our team at Discount Movers has compiled a list of the best walkable San Diego communities to live in. This is based on input from our customers, and from our teams own experience living in many different parts of San Diego.

Our selection of the best San Diego walkable communities was based on the Walk Scores from It is also based on how easy it is to do a variety of different things all by foot. This includes going out to a restaurant, shopping, being able to walk a dog, attend a show or event, go to a park by foot, and get exercise without going to a gym.


San Diego Walkable Communities Ranked in Order: 

#1. Coronado is one of the Top San Diego Walkable Communities- Ranked 98 on the Walk Score

Coronado received the gold star endorsement of being a “Walkers Paradise” and one of the best San Diego walkable communities there is with a walkability score of 98 out of 100.

Coronado is one of the best San Diego walkable communities there is.

Upscale and quaint you can rent a condo, house or apartment and be able to walk to stores, the bay, the beach, and restaurants. The walkability is very high in this community. There is also easy access to downtown San Diego from taking the water ferry that goes from the Marriott in Coronado to the Marriott in San Diego, or call 619-435-TAXI to get a water taxi to take you anywhere along the water including Point Loma.

Coronado is one of the only places where you could walk to the bay, the beach, the movies, to dozens of restaurants, to the park, to the recreation center, and then go downtown by water taxi.

Other Resources: 

If you want to check out the island in a day, you may consider renting a golf cart which is another popular way of commuting around the island.

Resources: Get your Coronado walking and bike maps

#2. Downtown San Diego- Walk Scores Ranging from 92 to 97

Gaslamp is one of the best San Diego walkable communities there is.
Downtown San Diego is considered to have some of the best, most walkable communities in San Diego.  Imagine being able to do all of your errands, have fun, walk the dog in Balboa Park, go out to eat at a hundred different restaurants and go to a dance club or lounge for a drink.

Residents enjoy being able to walk to miles of restaurants, the convention center, the Seaport Village walkway, the theater, the movies, malls, and parks. Downtown is close to Little Italy and has wonderful public transportation access that is available for a person on foot.

Working and Walking in Downtown San Diego?

If you work in a profession like marketing, hospitality or advertising, downtown Gaslamp is home to many businesses. There is also a buzzing start-up community. Many San Diego residents are starting to rethink if they need a car when they are able to work and play without one. 

Walkability Scores Downtown San Diego:
Downtown Gaslamp area is one of the most wonderful San Diego walkable communities.  Residents can walk to miles of restaurants, the convention center, the Seaport Village walkway, the theater, the movies, a mall, museums, art galleries, wine bars, and parks.[spacer height=”20px”]

Downtown also has excellent public transportation access with proximity to  Little Italy, Balboa Park and Old Town.

Walk Scores Downtown San Diego: [spacer height=”20px”]
Little Italy- Walk Score of 97
Gaslamp- Walk Score of 96
Columbia- Walk Score of 96
Harborview- Walk Score of 96
Marina- Walk Score of 94
Cortez Hill- Walk Score of 93
East Village- Walk Score of 92[spacer height=”20px”]

#3. Carlsbad Village is a Lovely Walkable Place to Live in San Diego With a Walk Score of 91

Carlsbad is a highly ranked San Diego walkable community.

Carlsbad Village was ranked very high for being one of the highest rated walkable San Diego communities.  There are condos, apartments, and houses that are walkable to the thriving and quaint downtown area called the “Village.” Residents can enjoy community theater, professional theater, fine restaurants, music, art, culture and the ocean. 

Carlsbad is a very popular place for single people, couples, and families to live in. 


Resources: Carlsbad Walking Trails


#4. Hillcrest Eclectic Community with a Great Walk Score of 81
Hillcrest is an excellent San Diego walkable community
Hillcrest is one of the leading San Diego walkable communities with a walk score of 81. This thriving community has tremendous variety. The community of Hillcrest is a fabulously walkable place to live and is close to restaurants, entertainment, and stores. It is an eclectic mix, and a charming place to stroll, shop, dine and wine.


Helpful Hillcrest Resources:

  1. Hillcrest provides a free shuttle service 6:00 to 10:00 PM every Thursday through Saturday.[spacer height=”10px” id=”2″]
  2. Hillcrest provides a service called  car2go. Car2go empowers members to get an electric car from any spot around town. They are permitted to drive it and park it. Users of this service only pay for the minutes used and they can even recharge at charging stations around the community.

Interested in touring Hillcrest by foot? Enjoy this 6 mile walk with a journey through Hillcrest history[spacer height=”20px”]


#5. Pacific Beach is a great San Diego Walkable Community with a Walk Score of  69

 Pacific Beach is a San Diego walkable community and ideal for single people.

Pacific Beach is one of the highest rated San Diego walkable communities. This beach community is thriving, lively, hoping and filled with young beach loving college kids and people in their twenties.  Pacific Beach boasts amazing little restaurants and quaint little shops and the gorgeous ocean, all of which are walkable.

Interested in walking around Pacific Beach? Receive a Pacific Beach walking map 

San Diego Walking Resources:

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What is your favorite San Diego walkable community? 

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