The main three types of San Diego Storage are standard storage, climate-controlled storage, and temperature- controlled storage. Standard storage is basic storage with no climate related monitoring.  Temperature controlled storage usually only monitors temperature.  Climate controlled storage typically manages both temperature and humidity.

Standard storage has no temperature controlling devises whereby temperature-controlled storage will keep the storage within a preset temperature range.  Climate controlled facilities use heating, air conditioning, and dehumidifiers to manage temperature and humidity. Air conditioners are better at dropping humidity levels quickly. Dehumidifiers are best at managing humidity over a longer period.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Belongings

Most of your stored items are going to be fine in a standard storage depending on what part of the country you live in and how long your items are in storage.  San Diego Storage Units are particularly fine due to our optimal weather compared to rest of the United States.  Southern California weather is getting hotter and as a result more items may need to be put in a climate-controlled storage unit.  Climate-controlled facilities are the safest bet for storing certain items.

How To Store Different Items in San Diego:

  • Art – Climate controlled storage is best for artwork. Paintings and fine art can shrink or expand in extreme temperatures. With a lot of humidity, mold or mildew can grow and ruin artwork.  This was not an issue in Southern California Storage Units in years past but as temperatures have been hitting record numbers it is starting to become an issue.
  • Fabrics – Clothes, drapes, or upholstered furniture can grow mold or mildew in humid environments.  We are lucky to not have many humid days in San Diego.  However, if your items are in storage for an extended period this could pose a problem to your fabric items.
  • Paper Items – Books, magazines, scrapbooks, and photographs can turn yellow in extreme temperatures.  Paper items can fade from light so keep them away from light.
  • Electronics – Computers, fax machines, and printers can deteriorate in humid environments.  Saving on your storage can end up costing more by having to replace expensive electronic items due to climate related electronic issues.
  • Wine – It is very important and, not so easy, to store wine properly.  Wine that is in a too humid environment will age too fast changing its appearance. If the air is too dry, wine corks will dry out and crumble. This can damage the seal or just make the bottle very difficult to open.  East San Diego County is a area that is more prone to dryer air and thereby require a climate-controlled storage.

Our San Diego Storage Loaders are here to help you move in or out of your storage unit.  Discount Movers knows how to properly pack a storage unit ensuring your items are well cared for during their time in storage.  For more information on our San Diego Moving Company please call 858-490-0155.