Helpful San Diego Moving Resources

Discount Movers hopes that the following San Diego moving resources are helpful for making your move successful! From researching information of where you want to live in San Diego, donating your belongings before you move in, to finding helpful San Diego resources that you may not know about, we hope these San Diego moving resources are helpful.

Interesting City Demographics About San Diego

If you are researching moving to San Diego, or you have just moved to San Diego, you probably have all sorts of questions about what it is like to live in San Diego. We hope the following San Diego moving resource links are helpful.

San Diego Demographic Highlights:

People in San Diego who are 25 years and over

  • High school or higher: 82.8%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 35.0%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 13.4%
  • Unemployed: 6.1%
  • Mean travel time to work: 23.2 minutes

San Diego Weather Information

Average Annual Temperature 63.2° F

Average Annual Precipitation 9.32 inches

Median Age- 33.2

Helpful Moving Resources to Research San Diego

San Diego Neighborhoods

If you are wanting to get information about several different San Diego neighborhoods, we hope that our information is helpful.

Click here for: San-Diego-California-City Demographics, home information, and more media

San Diego was voted one of the top 10 best cities to live. They have information on San Diego

San Diego crime statistics

When moving to San Diego, like any big city, neighborhoods can vary drastically when it comes to crime. We suggest that you call the local police department and look up a specific San Diego city to see what it’s crime rating is.

San Diego Salary Calculator-Find What Your Position Pays in San Diego

If you are still deciding whether to take a new job promotion and move to San Diego, you can research what your position typically pays in San Diego. San Diego is a wonderful place to live, but the cost of living is higher, so many people weigh this balance.

Clear Out the Clutter Before You Move into Your New Home

One of the best suggestions that home organizers make as helpful San Diego moving resources when preparing to move into a new home- is get rid of any items that you don’t want before you move. Your San Diego moving day will actually be less expensive because you are moving less, and it will be easier to organize your new home with fewer belongings.

The following are a few helpful San Diego resources to help you declutter your home and get ready for your moving day!

Sell Belongings on San Diego Craigs List

If you have not used Craigslist in San Diego to buy or sell items you are in for a treat. It is a wonderful moving resource to get rid of belongings or buy new belongings for your home.

Recycle phone books in San Diego-Drop off locations
Most people receive 15 to 20 phone books a year. Recycle your phone books before you move!

Donate to Father Joes in San Diego 
Father Joes is a wonderful program in San Diego that helps people in need with the items you donate. You call and make an appointment and they will send a truck to your home in San Diego.

Donate to Second Chance San Diego-Helping Homeless People Get Jobs

We highly recommend donating your belongings to Second Chance in San Diego. This is a wonderful program that has helped the countless number of homeless people get jobs and retain them. Their success rate is outstanding and they need your help for donating clothes, houseware, and even food. Second Chance not only helps people rebuild their lives and get a second chance, but they also help the city of San Diego from not having as large of a homeless problem.

Recycle Moving Boxes in San Diego

All cities have different requirements for recycling moving boxes. However, many cities across the nation offer free recycling if you call ahead to schedule an appointment with the city. You can also drop off moving boxes at collection sites.

San Diego Moving Boxes Recycling Drop Off Centers

Researching Your San Diego Moving Company Before You Hire Them

San Diego BBB-Check Out a San Diego Business
Discount Movers has the highest BBB rating there is. For more information on Discount Movers BBB rating click

Discount Movers Has Top Ratings in the San Diego BBB-Click to check it out!

Need to Buy Moving Boxes in San Diego?

We suggest that you use certified moving boxes to help protect your valuables go to They will even ship them free to your door. Their moving kits include three sizes of boxes paper, packing foam, tape and

San Diego Moving Insurance

Everyone should know about San Diego moving resources available for moving insurance. Many people are confused about what San Diego moving companies include in the move in regards to insurance and what they don’t. “Basic Valuation Insurance” is included with every move by licensed and insured San Diego moving companies. This is based on the weight of an item, and 65 cents a pound is given for damages that incur.

If you are interested in full replacement value in the event that there are moving damages, then you need to purchase the third party moving insurance from a third party moving company. Not all moving companies are able to have you buy moving insurance, depending on their claim history.

Discount Movers has been pre-approved with most of the leading moving insurance companies due to our low claims rate. More Information on the third party moving insurance versus basic valuation insurance

Contact Third Party Moving Companies for San Diego Moving Insurance

Baker Insurance

San Diego Property Managers

If you are looking to rent a home in San Diego, (furnished or not) or you need to find an excellent San Diego Property Manager to market your home for rent, contact the following to help you.

Ask for Jen at Prooples Property Management of San Diego.

San Diego Storage Companies

If you are looking for San Diego moving resources to help you find a good place to store your belongings in San Diego, we hope that we can help.

Discount Movers does a lot of San Diego storage moving, where we help people move into our out of storage.

Discount Movers also loads/unloads San Diego portable storage units like Pods, Big Box, and others.

San Diego Storage Companies You May Consider: Self Storage San DiegoBig Box San Diego Portable Storage

Home Staging Companies

If you are trying to sell your home in San Diego, one San Diego home resource that we are asked about is who should we go to in order to stage my home to sell. We suggest a few San Diego home staging companies that we have worked with for years.

6 tips to stage your home to sell-US News Reports

Moving in San Diego with Kids

If you are moving to San Diego with kids, there are many San Diego moving resources that you might be interested in. You can find out what types of activities are there in San Diego to do with kids, school information, special places that kids love, San Diego restaurants that are friendly towards children and so much more. Check back with us as we are always adding new San Diego resources.

San Diego Continuing Education

One of the best kept San Diego moving resources is the FREE continuing education classes that are offered in San Diego. There are over 8 San Diego continuing education campuses that offer FREE classes in computers, cooking, art, child care, job retraining, web design and so much more. All you need to be is a resident of California.

The equipment is top notch and the teachers are excellent- typically working professionals in the trade they are also teaching. And, it even gets even better. If you are a student at the school, you also get huge discounts on software that you might need to take computer classes. Check it out! This is truly San Diego’s best-kept secret!

Free San Diego continuing education classes

Moving to San Diego with Dogs?

San Diego is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. There are San Diego dog beaches all over the place, some of which you need leases and some you don’t. If you have a furry little friend, you will have more fun going to the beach in San Diego with your dog!

Moving Companies Outside of San Diego, California

We help load/unload many of our customers who used moving trucks of their own. Therefore, if you are moving from San Diego and need to locate a moving company to help you in other areas, we hope these links are a good starting point.

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