Local San Diego moving companies are very different in what they offer

How To Find The BEST local San Diego Moving Companies For Your Move!

A+ BBB Ratings


Local San Diego Moving Companies- Top 10 Ways to Best Evaluate:

If you are wanting to find the best local San Diego moving companies to chose between, how do you do this? How do you know which moving companies in San Diego are excellent and which ones are not?

It’s actually a simple process to find an excellent mover. You can use the same criteria that Discount Movers uses to provide top-level service to our customers to find the best San Diego moving company. Just follow this ten-point checklist and you will be in great shape.


#1. Only Consider Using Local San Diego Moving Companies with A+ ratings in the BBB.

The BBB is a wonderful customer advocate who works with businesses and consumers to find a resolution. Movers who chose to be a member believe that their work is so excellent that it can be made visible and public. If you only look at local companies in San Diego that have an A+ rating you will be looking at the “cream of the crop.”


#2. Only Chose A Company That Has Been in Business At Least 16 Years (Discount Movers has been serving San Diego for over 20 years).

In this business, there is a lot of fluctuation and transition of businesses. You don’t want to work with a fly by night company when you are talking about having people in your home moving all your valuables. The reason why so many movers come and go is it easy for a former mover to buy a truck, put up a website and start moving. However, this does not mean that they know how to do it well or can sustain it over time. It is actually quite complicated to have the proper training, equipment, staffing, trucks, training, movers, safety, licenses, and insurance to run a moving company effectively.

#3. Only Evaluate Movers Who Are Licensed and Insured in the State of California.

It is very important that you only consider using movers that licensed and insured in the state of California. In this industry, there is a tremendous responsibility to move every valuable item you own safely from one home to another. If there are accidental damages, you will receive 60 cents a pound from a licensed and insured company. If you go with an unlicensed mover, you have no protection.

Also, when you select licensed and insured movers you can buy optional moving insurance. You can not do this with unlicensed companies.

Lastly, if you hire an unlicensed mover and they get hurt, you are responsible. On the other hand, if a mover gets hurt by a licensed and insured company they are covered by California Workers Compensation and you are not responsible in any way.

#4. Chose Local San Diego Moving Companies That Specializes in What You Are Looking For-Local Moving or Only in Long Distance Moving:

If you are moving locally, only get estimates from local San Diego moving companies who only do local moves. You will save money by doing this. Even though most long distance companies also offer local moving services, their costs are almost always higher. They have more overhead and their trucks are often suited for long distance moves versus local.

For example, most long distance moving trucks have lift gates, versus ramps. This is great when moving across the country, but it slows you down tremendously when moving locally by the hour. In addition, their hourly rates are typically higher too. This means you will have a higher cost for your move working with a company that doesn’t specialize in what you are wanting to do.

TIP: There is NO reason why a person needs to come to your house to give you a quote for local movers. If a company insists on doing this that means they specialize in long distance moving. You will be paying more for the total cost of your move as a result.

#5. If Moving Locally, Look for Local San Diego Moving Companies That are Fast and Publish Their Hourly Rates Online:

When moving locally you are charged by the hour. We suggest that you only look at moving companies that have the same price for everyone. If they publish their prices online, this speaks volumes and you know that you are getting the best price possible.

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#6. Ask Your Friends, Family, and Co-worker Which One of the local San Diego Moving Companies They Loved and Which Ones They Did Not:

When evaluating a local San Diego moving company it is a great idea to ask your friends, family, and co-worker which companies they have loved and which ones they didn’t. Word of mouth is really helpful in this business. Not only is it important to ask which San Diego moving companies they recommend, but be sure to ask WHY. The why will give you valuable information that will help you make the best choice possible.

For example, they may say they loved their company because their best friend works there. Or they loved it because they were fast, efficient and had no damages. Or they may say they saved a lot of money from any company they have ever used and they loved the fact that all the movers were English speaking. Etc. The why of the question will help you make a great choice.


#7. Only Work With a Company That is Pre Approved With The Leading Moving Insurance Providers:

Movers that have low claim ratings are typically pre-approved for customers to use from all the leading moving insurance companies. This speaks volumes about the quality of their work. Discount Movers is pre-approved with all the leading companies and have the lowest claims rating in the industry.


#8. If Want To Save Money, Look For Ones Who Offer Lower Hourly Rates During The Week.

A great way to save money is to move during the week if possible. Many businesses offer lower rates during the week than the weekends. You can save money if you can arrange your schedule accordingly. Discount Movers offers lower prices during the week, then the weekday.

#9. Look For Local San Diego Moving Companies That Have Helpful Moving Tips On Their Web Site.

Businesses that offer very helpful moving tips on their website really care about the success of your move. If they spent the time to offer helpful information to you, then they will most likely do everything they can to help make your move a success. This information is also very important to have a successful move.

Moving tips on a site show that the company cares. Caring is the first step in doing an excellent job.

#10. Look For a Local San Diego Moving Company With The Best Yelp Ratings and Online Reviews.

Look at the online reviews for movers in your area. Look at the ratings and look at how the owner responds when there is an issue. Do you like how they operate, their belief structure? Do they seem fair and reasonable? Look at the customers who write the reviews too. If you find a negative review, look at the other reviews from that person. Do they have 10 other companies they had issues with also?