San Diego Dog Beaches

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San Diego Dog Beaches

Ocean Beach Dog Beach 
The Ocean Beach dog beach is heaven for dogs. It is huge, open and filled with places for your dog to run without a leash. This dog beach in San Diego is open 24 hours.

Coronado Dog Beach
Coronado is a beautiful island that boasts a spectacular beach. At the end of the Hotel Del’s beach is the Coronado dog beach. Unless you knew about it, you wouldn’t even see that it was there. However, for those who know about it it is filled with happy dogs playing in the sand. (Many restaurants in Coronado let you take your dogs and they even have little doggie dishes for them!)

The Fiesta Island Dog Beach 
This Mission Bay Dog beach is leash free and is right on mission bay, which is a wonderful place to bike, rollerblade or walk. Open 24 hours.

Rancho Bernardo Park
Rancho Bernardo now has a dog beach, which wasn’t always the case. It is leash free too! Not only that but this San Diego dog park has water spigots for the dogs to play in. What could be better then that! Google Map

El Cajon Dog Beach 
If you are looking for a grass filled San Diego dog beaches, you have come to the right place! The off-leash area of the El Cajon dog beach is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Nate’s Point – Balboa Park
Want to throw the frisbee to your dog in a big open grassy space? You have to check out the Balboa dog park!

Other San Diego dog parks include:

Morely Field dog park, Del Mar dog park, and the La Mesa Dog park.

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San Diego Dog Beaches
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