San Diego demographics is likely of tremendous interest to you if you are researching a move to San Diego. We hope this helpful article in our San Diego moving guide series is beneficial in understanding more about the community.

San Diego Demographics Overview:

According to San Diego demographics resources, San Diego is the 6th most densely populated city in the U.S. This beautiful city was reported to have a population of 3,183,143 in 2016. San Diego is a widely diverse area, and there are so many different options of where to live.

San Diego is a young city, where the median age is 34.9, but this too can vary widely from if you are living in Coronado, Pacific Beach or Carlsbad. The city has near perfect weather with an average of 68-72 degrees year long and only 10 inches of rain a year. Many people in San Diego are very consciousness about doing what they can to preserve water.

San Diego Quick Stats

-3,183,143 population in the metro San Diego area
-San Diego is the 6th most densely populated city in the U.S.
-$53,020 is the average salary
-69 degrees is the average temperature
34.9 is the median age
-$659,000 average cost of home

San Diego Demographics: Types of Employment:

San Diego demographics is widely diverse with employment options.  Tourism accounts for 13 percent of all jobs in San Diego. This ranges from working at the Convention center, restaurants, to places like Lego Land and SeaWorld.

There are sixty-nine Navy ships call San Diego home. Over 90,000 Navy personnel live in San Diego County with about 87 percent of the military population being male and about 13 percent female.

For small business owners, 57% of businesses in San Diego have 1-4 employees. There is a large start-up environment in San Diego and many resources to use such as Evonexus that helps with mentorship and even office space downtown San Diego to up and coming companies.

San Diego Stats on Types of Employment:

-54% is private wage or salary
-Government jobs are 15%
-Self-employed is 30%
-1% is other

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