Benefits of Hiring Discount Movers Versus Moving Yourself

Saving Your Back Just May Be Worth It:

Your upcoming move is approaching. The question looms, should you hire professional San Diego movers to move for you with full service moving, ask friends for help, and/or rent your own San Diego truck rental? If you rent your own truck should you hire a professional moving company to load/unload your San Diego truck rental, or do it yourself?

If you have a San Diego truck rental, hire Discount Movers to Load/Unload YOUR San Diego truck rental.

Discount Movers is trained to move your belongings through strange angles and difficult spaces:

Discount Movers professional San Diego movers are trained to go up the stairs and move your valuables through strange angles in order to place your furniture exactly where you want it. This is more challenging then it looks.

Almost any moving experience has it’s own unique set of challenges from a moving perspective, from small rooms, stairs, sharp angles, and/or doorways that are not large enough. Our professional San Diego Movers will figure out how to effectively move your belongings while protecting your valuables, your walls, and your doors. This is what they are trained to do.

Save money on moving equipment and supplies if you were to move:

Many people try and save money by moving themselves, but they forget about everything else that is required. Shrink wrap to protect furniture from damage. Bungee cords to hold things in place. Moving blankets to wrap around large mirrors and wardrobe boxes that we provide free of charge the day of the move. In the end, it is easy to spend more money trying to move then by hiring Discount Movers. 

 Discount Movers knows how to protect your walls and doors:
The most difficult part of moving in for amateurs is getting the furniture into or out of your home without destroying the walls and your possessions. Protect your walls, protect your doors and protect your valuables by hiring a professional San Diego moving company. Leave your loading and unloading to Discount Movers.

Save your back and have Discount Movers do all of your heavy moving, loading, and unloading:

Do you know how to move properly so you don’t hurt your back? Most people do not know how to properly move heavy items for hours on end. Also, since most families only move once every few years, the muscles that are used for moving in San Diego are not regularly exercised. As a result, there is a high risk of back injury, back problems and muscle strain as a result of improper technique and lack of experience.

 Don’t take the risk of hurting your back. Instead, protect your back and let our professional San Diego movers do the work while you go enjoy a workout at the gym, or go to the beach.

Discount Movers knows how to maximize your space in your San Diego Storage unit: 

If you have a San Diego storage unit, our professional movers know how to properly pack your San Diego storage unit in order to maximize your space so you are not paying for a bigger unit then you might otherwise need.

You can rent a truck and have our professional movers load it! 

If you have your own truck or are renting a truck from a local San Diego move or an out of state move, call Discount Movers for a free estimate on how many hours it would require for our professional San Diego movers to pack your truck for you.

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