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Discount MOvers Helps Customers Save Money:

Discount Movers is able to keep our rates low because of the positive word-of-mouth moving volume that we do in San Diego and how we provide incentives to our movers. A high percentage of our business is from repeat business and referrals, and we low marketing costs we pass on this savings to our customers.

Secondly, we provide incentives for our licensed and insured San Diego movers to be fast and efficient with no damages. When paying by the hour this saves you a lot of money. Traditionally local movers make more money the longer they are at a person’s home. With us, our movers have two moves a day and make more money if they are fast and efficient.

Every day we are told that our movers were able to complete a move in 1/2 the time it took their last moving company.


When you book your move you will be given an hourly rate for the number of movers that are recommended. This is an estimated amount of time based on the inventory that you tell us over the phone. We will ask you a series of questions that helps us determine the size of the truck (no extra costs), how many movers are needed and what the estimated time frame will be. It is very important that you are accurate with explaining what you would like for us to move in order for our estimate to be accurate.

Phone Estimates and 15 Minute Incremental Pricing:

Discount Movers provides all of our moving estimates over the phone, thereby eliminating the need to build in extra costs that are required for in-person estimates. Our 20 years of experience have helped us fine-tune this process, where 98% of the time our estimates results in being (equal to or less than) our initial telephone quote. However, if the move does exceed our initial phone estimate, we do provide a 15-minute incremental pricing service, so you are not paying for any more time then what you need.

Included FREE with Every Move Are……..

  • Professional & Experienced Movers with an average industry experience per mover of 4-6 years.
  • A fully equip truck with all of the moving supplies & tools to protect your valuables.
  • Fast & efficient moving services To save you money.
    -Since you are paying by the hour, we provide incentives for our movers to be fast & efficient WHILE taking good care of  your belongings. A faster move save you money, which is our reputation.
  • Over $75 of FREE hanging clothes boxes to use the day of your move.
    (Let your moving consultant know how many you would like to use)
  • Heavy moving blankets & pads to wrap & protect your belongings.
  • Free shrink wrap protection to make sure your furniture is tip top after we move.
  • A fully equip moving truck equip with dollies, straps, bungee cords, and protective padding.
  • No additional cost if your move requires us to use one of our larger moving trucks
  • Basic valuation insurance included with every move.
  • 15 minute incremental pricing if the moving time exceeds our phone estimate.
  • Due to our outstanding record, our customers have pre-approval For third party moving insurance.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable customer service consultants available by phone
    seven days a week. 


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My husband and I are both real estate professionals here in San Diego.  We stumbled upon Discount Movers about 9 years ago when we were looking for a professional, insured moving company with good prices to move us out of a small condo. The men who came to move us were friendly, courteous, hard-working, and most important very careful with our belongings. 

Since we are in the real estate business we tend to buy and sell our own personal homes about every two years.  We have used Discount Movers EVERY time and have had a pleasant experience each time.  On the last home we bought, we even recommended to our sellers that they use Discount Movers, who ended up packing and moving with Discount Movers to Orange County. We have referred MANY of our clients too!

We are now including Discount Movers on our “Preferred Supplier” list that we distribute to all of our clients, friends and neighbors and will continue to recommend Discount Movers to everyone we know without hesitation every time.

Kara & Larry

Real Estate Sales

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