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San Diego Portable Storage Loaders and Packers:  

Our licensed and insured San Diego portable storage loaders and packers will help load your valuables into any storage unit you decide to rent. Some of the most popular portable storage units in San Diego are Pods, Big Box, or San Diego Storage.


Licensed and Insured San Diego Portable Storage Loaders Understand How To Properly Pack Portable Storage:

Most portable storage container companies do not provide LOADING moving services or San Diego packing services. Therefore, if you need help loading your moving boxes and furniture from your home into your portable storage unit, Discount Movers is here to help. All our loaders are employees of Discount Movers, so you will have trained professionals to help you. 

Discount Mover’s professional storage movers are well trained to properly load your San Diego portable storage container in order to maximize storage space so you will need the fewest number of portable storage units, AND so your belongings will be well protected while they are inside of your portable storage container. Discount Movers is pleased to have worked with many portable storage companies in San Diego including Big Box, Cube, Pods, San Diego Storage and others.

How Our Portable Storage Packing Services Can Help Save You Money! 

Since portable storage units are typically priced out for each portable storage unit you use, the more effectively your portable storage unit is packed, the fewer portable storage containers you will need. This will save you money.

This is a good question to ask. Many of the portable storage companies do not charge for storage containers that are delivered to your home but are not used. Therefore, it is important to effectively load your San Diego storage containers to maximize space, yet also protect your belongings. For more information on all San Diego company services, please call us.

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“I rented a Pods and hired Discount Movers to load it. Then our house was delayed so we needed to to unload load it almost a month later. Everything was in tact and we could not have been happier. With two different crews, both of them were fast and good that is all I have to say! Thank you” 

Myra Katles, Marketing Analyst

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