San Diego Portable Storage Companies FAQs

If you are looking for San Diego portable storage companies for Pods, BigBox, U-Haul or Storage Container to name a few. Discount Movers partners together with these companies to provide the labor help that can make your move a lot easier. Our trained San Diego portable storage movers know how to properly load these units to avoid breakage and to maximize the space in the container.

When to Use Portable Storage in San Diego?
Overall San Diego portable storage solutions are best suited for a person who wants to take their time packing their portable storage unit, a person who is moving out of state, and/or for a person who just needs temporary storage. This can even be a good application for people who are doing construction on a part of their home.

Overview of Our Portable Storage Loading Services in San Diego: 
Discount Movers is a San Diego moving company that has worked with all of the major portable storage companies, most of which do NOT offer loading services. Therefore, if you need help loading your portable storage unit in San Diego, California, call Discount Movers for a free estimate. 858-490-0155

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Does a Portable Storage Container Service Work?
Answer: San Diego portable storage companies will drop a portable storage container at your doorstep and provide you with a certain period of time to load your container. Once you are finished loading your portable storage unit, these companies will the pick-up your storage unit either transport it to your new home, place it into their storage warehouses, and/or move it out-of-state to another storage facility. (Not all portable storage companies offer long-distance services.)

Question: How long do portable storage companies give you to load your storage unit?

Answer: Check with your local San Diego portable storage company, but Discount Movers has found that most companies will provide 1 month of storage service for the same cost.

Question: How are San Diego portable storage companies in San Diego different than renting a moving truck?
Answer: The main difference between portable storage and renting a moving truck is your ability to store your belongings at some point during your move. Let’s say you need to be out of your home because you are selling it. You have decided to go to Europe for two weeks in between moving out of your new house and into your new house. Voila! San Diego portable storage companies enable you to store your belongings while you are in Europe and then have to be dropped off at your new home when you are ready. Versus renting a truck you would have a specific time limit to work within.

Question:  Can I Store my Portable Containers Before I Move into Your New Home?
Answer: If you need to store your San Diego portable storage container before you move, most portable container companies will provide this service. Interestingly enough, often it is even less expensive to store your San Diego portable storage container for a short period of time (a week to a few months) then it is to move your portable container directly from one home to another.

Question: How do you Properly Pack and Load a San Diego Containers?
Answer: Regardless if you are renting a BigBox or Pods in San Diego, Discount Movers recommends that you place your heavier items on the bottom and fill in the top areas with lighter belongings, all with a proper use of packing materials.

The most important thing to consider when packing your portable storage container in San Diego is the less movement that could occur within the storage container, the better protected your belongings will be. Therefore, it is important to fill in all gaps with packing supplies such as paper and bubble wrap. More information on Storage Moving TIPs.

Question: What if I don’t want to pack my own storage unit in San Diego? 
 Most portable storage companies do not offer packing or loading services. Therefore, if you need help loading or packing call your local moving company for assistance.

Question: I am moving out of state from San Diego Wondering if I Should Use a San Diego Portable Storage Unit?
Answer: Many portable container storage companies have long-distance moving options, where you can easily transport your belongings from one state to another. You simply load your belongings into your portable storage container and your belongings will be stored in a storage warehouse in the state you are moving to. Then when you are ready to move into your new home, call your portable storage provider and they will deliver your belongings to your new home.

Question: Who are some of the Portable Storage Container Companies?
Answer: Some of the portable storage companies that offer portable storage services include Big BoxPods, and San Diego Public Storage.

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