Packing Tips: Packing Cups

How to Pack Cups and Stemware: 

  • With packing paper in place on the work table, position one cup six to eight inches from one of the corners.
  • Pull one corner of the paper up and over the cup.
  • Place the second cup directly on top, with a handle to left (the second cup should “nest” itself in packing paper folded over the bottom cups).
  • Pull the two side corners up and over, one at a time, and tuck corners inside the top cup.
  • Hold the bottom and top cup in position and roll cups to the remaining corner. Fragile mixing bowls may be rolled in the same manner.
  • Delicate cups, like China, should be wrapped one at a time. Antique glass or China should be stuffed with crumpled tissue and wrapped one at a time.
  • Packing Glasses and Stemware — Stuff glasses and stemware with crumpled tissue or packing paper before wrapping.
  • Lay on the corner of packing paper and roll it one or two full rotations (depending on size); pull sides of packing paper up and over glass/stemware and continue rolling to the far corner. Corrugated paper rolls or cellular boxes may be used for added protection.
  • Place glasses and stemware toward the top of your box. Heavier items (dishware, pitchers, etc.) should be placed toward the bottom of the box.

Delicate glassware and stemware should be placed in an upright position, not on its side.

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