Packing Tips: Packing Wineglasses

How to Pack Wine Glasses to Protect Them: 

Packing wine glasses is easy. Follow a few simple tips and you will be able to pack wineglasses like a professional mover.

Tip #1: Make Sure To Wrap Your Wineglasses in Kitchen Packing Paper

Take each wine glass and wrap each one individually with kitchen packing paper. Then place each wrapped wine glass in the moving box. The kitchen packing paper acts as a cushion to protect each wine glass from another. You will be amazed how much cushioning there is by using kitchen packing paper.

Tip #2: Only Place Wineglasses Inside of the Moving Box

This is a good rule of thumb with any items that are fragile. In this case, with wine glasses, make sure you only have wine glasses inside of the moving box. Having all of the wine glasses wrapped in the same box will enable them to safely rest on top of each other without breaking or scratching. (As long as they are wrapped)

Tip #3: Use Crumpled Newspaper to Fill in Any Gaps of the Moving Box

Always make sure moving boxes are packed to the top. Since wineglasses are not even, crumple up the newspaper and place them at the top of the box so the box is full, and so there isn’t any spaces in the moving box are filled up.

Tip #4: Make Sure to Write Fragile On the Moving Boxes-Wineglasses

This is an obvious recommendation, but it is mentioned because it is easy to forget. This is very important to do, otherwise, your San Diego movers will not know which moving boxes have fragile items in them and which ones don’t.

Boxes that have fragile written on them are always placed at the top of box stacks when they are being stacked in a moving truck or dolly. This is very important when packing your wine glasses to make sure they are safely moved.


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If boxes are labeled, our San Diego movers know what room to put the boxes in at your new home. Oodles of time will be saved unpacking if each box is placed in the room that it belongs in. Also, there will be no delays with your San Diego moving company not knowing where to place boxes which will save you money.