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Make Moving Easier By Letting Our Packers Either
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Your Whole House!

Professional Packing Services in San Diego is Scheduled the Day Before Your Move

Our well trained San Diego packers will securely pack your home properly with industry recommended moving boxes. Our professional packers will also bring all of the necessary moving boxes and packing supplies to your home, including five different sizes of moving boxes, (1.5 cubic, 3.0 cubic, 4.0 cubic and 4.5 cubic) bubble wrap, shrink wrap, foam, wardrobe boxes and packing paper. The moving boxes we use are industry recommended for moving and will provide the greatest protection during your move, as they will not compress when stacked on top of each other inside of a moving truck. You will only be charged for the packing supplies that are used. You can choose to have Discount Movers pack your entire house or just one room. It is up to you!

Once you hire Discount Movers to pack your home, you will NEVER want to do it youself again! 

Make Packing Easy! We Can Pack One Room Like Your Kitchen, or Your Whole Home!

Some of our customers hire us just to pack their kitchen, while others want us to pack their whole house. If you have a budget you can hire our packers for a three-hour min plus the cost of supplies. (Under $400) Then anything they don’t finish you can complete. Onc you have had DIscount Movers pack your home, you will never want to pack again yourself.

It is rare with San Diego moving companies to have A+ BBB ratings year and year
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How Does San Diego Packing Work?

When booking your move over the phone, tell your moving consultant that you want us to also have packing services. This is always done a day or two before your scheduled move. You can choose to have us pack either one room, two rooms, just your kitchen or your whole house. We charge by the hour for San Diego packing, so more rooms will just mean more time.

Supplies will also be charged to you based on what the movers use. The nice thing is you will only be paying for the supplies that you need and will not have any extra laying around.

“I used Discount Mover’s packing services when we moved to Carlsbad. I had never done that before and I couldn’t believe what a pleasant and different moving experience we had. Overall I would say that as a result of having hiring professional packers, it was the best moving experience I could have had. So you want to know my new motto? ‘Once you have hire a professional packer in San Diego, you will never want to pack your own home again. It is so worth paying for this service! ”

Annie Johnson

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