San Diego Truck Rental Loading and Packing Tips If You Are Moving Out of State

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Truck Loading Tips If Moving Out of San Diego:

If you are moving locally, Discount Movers full service moving services will save you money and hassle on your move. The reason is we provide all of the moving equipment needed to safely protect your valuables. We will provide the right size of the truck and all of this is for the same cost then if you were to rent a truck and have us load it.

If you are moving locally, it is ALWAYS less expensive to hire Discount Movers to use our fleet of moving trucks, (versus renting a truck and having us load it) as all of these moving equiptment is included like straps and bungees, gas is included, shrink wrap to protect your furniture and even FREE wardrobe boxes to use the day of your move.

Moving Out of State From San Diego Truck Loading Tips:

Tip #1:  If moving out of state, buy moving pads, moving blankets and nylon rope

If you are having our Discount Movers movers load your rental truck or portable storage unit, then you will need to provide your own blankets and rope. This is really important to protect items from damage and ensure that things don’t move. It is recommended to order 200 feet of rope, and three dozen moving pads depending on the size of the home. 

Tip #2: Purchase wardrobe boxes to transport your hanging clothes or large items

The best way to transport clothes is to use wardrobe boxes which have bars inside of them. You can also use these tall boxes to place large things inside of like golf clubs. Fill the bottom of your wardrobe boxes with shoes and socks.

NOTE: If you are moving locally, our team provide FREE wardrobe boxes for use the day of the move.

Tip #3: Use file boxes which you can order online to transport tax information and important files 

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