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Certification of Excellence – Discount Movers provides all of our customers with “Basic Valuation Insurance” in protection of your move for any work that our San Diego movers do. Discount Movers also is pre-approved as a result of our excellent moving history for any of our customers to be able to purchase “extra moving insurance” from a third party provider.

Did you know?

Basic Valuation coverage is included FREE of charge for all customers with San Diego Movers
Basic valuation coverage provides .60 per lb for any damages. For customers  who want more coverage then that, they need to purchase “third party moving insurance” from a moving insurance company.

“Full damage replacement moving insurance” must be purchased two days before the date of your pack job.

The only option you have in purchasing additional insurance if it is not purchased two days before your pack job, is to purchase “Total Loss” protection. Please note though, that “Total Loss protection” only protects you in the event that something happens to the ENTIRE moving truck.

Your moving company MUST Pack and move you to receive full benefits of your claim 
“All Risk Full replacement insurance” is only valid if you have your moving company pack your house. If you pack your own house under this policy, then you will only be eligible to receive a maximum of $250 a box IF and ONLY IF a box is lost.

You Must Submit an Inventory to Your Moving Insurance Provider for “All Risk Replacement Valued Inventory.”

Once you submit an inventory, this will be given to your moving company. Then while the movers are packing, they verify that they actually packed the inventory. Please note, that ONLY items that are on the inventory are covered under third party moving insurance. Any other item will default under “basic valuation coverage.”

If moving long distance, then you can purchase a “Lump Sum Insurance,” which is based on the total weight of what is being moved.

What is valuation protection and how is this offered?
Fully licensed moving companies in San Diego offer “Basic Valuation Insurance”. Basic Valuation coverage covers .60 per lb for any items that are lost or damaged while in the movers possession. Please note, valuation is different then “moving insurance,” which can only be purchased from third party insurance company.

Can my local moving company sell EXTRA moving insurance? 
The answer is no. Local San Diego moving companies are not permitted by law to sell additional “moving insurance.” However in order for you to have the option of purchasing a moving insurance policy, your San Diego moving company must be approved by the moving insurance company of choice. In order for a moving company to be approved by an insurance company, a comprehensive background check is done including past claims, customer satisfaction history, BBB and PUC licensing.

Therefore, if a company is approved by a moving insurance provider, this is a very good sign that you are working with an established mover with low claims. Thousands of moving companies are dropped from moving policies each year.

What does extra moving insurance cover?

  1. Moving Insurance from an insurance company offers protection with your move against “Acts of God” like floods, tornadoes, lightening strikes, etc.
  2. Moving Insurance provides “replacement” protection for the exact items that you had covered on the contract, where valuation is .60 per lb.
  3. Moving Insurance will cover your household goods for a period of up to 60-90 days (depending on your choice of insurance carrier) while in transit or in storage, different from your original mover. Valuation does not offer this coverage.
  4. Valuation does not offer coverage for Mechanical and Electrical Derangement or Pairs and Sets. Moving Insurance does.
  5. If you have lightweight valuable items and they get damaged, extra moving insurance will be better in the event that something is damaged.
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