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Discount Movers San Diego military movers is a local San Diego moving company that provides local military moving and military relocation services. These services include packing, truck loading/unloading, and storage packing services for San Diego military familiesIn being one of the oldest local San Diego moving companies, Discount Movers is proud to be an approved military moving vendor of Lincoln Property Management, in addition to having experience moving military families in San Diego all over 20 YEARS.

Discount Movers works hard to earn your business not just once, but for a lifetime and is here to make your moving in San Diego experience a great one! Call Discount Movers today for a free estimate for our San Diego military movers provide packing and/or moving services.

Discount Movers San Diego military moving company is here to help you and your family with your San Diego move. If you have a rental truck and need help loading/unloading, we will provide this service. If instead, you need full service moving or packing, we also provide these services. Discount Movers rates are low, and our service is high. We look forward to serving your San Diego moving needs.


Discount Movers San Diego Military Movers Are an Approved Moving Vendor with Lincoln Military Housing:

If you are moving into the San Diego Naval complex, Camp Pendleton (MCB), the Chesterton (E6-E9), Gateway Village, Discount Movers has been pre-approved by Lincoln Military Housing for doing an excellent job time and time again.

San Diego Military Movers- Use Personal Procured Moving Program (PPM) and Hire Your Own Mover (DITY)

Military men and women who are moving in the Navy, Army, Coast Guard or Air Force are eligible to receive a government payment of 95% of what it would cost the government to move you through the Personal Procurement Program, DITY (Do-It-Yourself)  move.

BENEFIT: If you hire your own mover and spend less than the 95% the government would have paid, you get to keep the rest! At Discount Movers, the beauty is our rates are low and our service is FAST, so there is a very high likelihood that you will have money left over that you will be able to keep.

If you only need San Diego military truck loading, we can also help with that.

Thank you for your service to our country!  

San Diego Military Movers work hard to make your day an excellent experience

“Discount Movers was so helpful to me when I moved to San Diego from Hawaii. I was alone with three kids (my husband is deployed) and they moved everything from my U-Haul to my house so quickly. It was really comforting to have such great help and low prices!”

Mary Tyler

US Navy

“James, Chris, and Eric were a great team! They worked very well together and were extremely efficient. They were willing to lend a helping hand with whatever we needed and ensured our new home was set up just the way we liked it before finishing their day. They were professional, helpful, and attentive. I would use Discount Movers for any future move and recommend to others!”

Colin Crickard

Navy Physician

“GREAT service! Discount Movers was much quicker than I ever expected. They were friendly, hardworking, reliable and just did a great job.”

David Terry- San Diego


“Our movers were so courteous. All three guys had good attitudes even though I didn’t have one. I had a bad day and these guys helped the remainder of it to be a good one.”


William Tanner

Aviation Boatswain's Mate Handler 1st Class

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Moving to San Diego with the Military?

Discount Movers is specializes in providing local San Diego moving services in San Diego. Therefore, if you are moving from one place in San Diego to another place in San Diego, call Discount Movers for a free quote request. With all of our San Diego moving services, Discount movers is here to help make your San Diego moving day a very positive experience.

Discount Movers Offers Experienced Movers with Fast, Friendly Service for Military Families

Discount Movers only hires experienced professional movers, as we believe in providing high quality moving experiences combined with value driven pricing. All of our San Diego movers are trained to be efficient and effective, have been with Discount Movers from 4-6 years, and are very good at what they do.

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