Need Experienced San Diego Truck Loaders

Experienced San Diego Truck Loaders!

              A+ BBB Ratings

Protect Your Back and Let Our Movers Load/Unload Your Truck! 

Our licensed and insured professional San Diego truck loaders will load and unload any truck rental of your choice. We help make moving easy and help ensure that your truck rental is packed properly so that you are much less likely to have damages. 

Save Money:
Our team also saves you money because our movers have incentives to be fast and efficient with no damages. When paying by the hour, fast San Diego truck loaders will save you money! 

Protect Your Valuables:
Our San Diego truck loaders are well trained to load and unload truck rentals so that your belongings will be well protected. Also our movers have expertise transporting items from your moving truck, through strange angles and small doorways, while still shielding and protecting your household belongings during your move. As one of the oldest San Diego moving companies with A+ BBB ratings, your valuables will be safe and secure in our hands.  

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“My husband had to stay behind in New York until our house sold, so I had to move to San Diego by myself. I had rented a U-haul and needed help when I got here to unload my furniture into my new house. I found Discount Movers and they were wonderful! They helped me move all of my heavy furniture into my new house, which I never could have done by myself. They put my furniture exactly the way I wanted it. Thanks for all your help!”

Lisa Meyers

“I had a great team. My movers were Art, Jamal and Eric They were thoughtful and energetic. Very pleasant experience!” Thomas Rocome

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional San Diego Loaders and Unloaders: 


#1: Save Your Back
Protect your back from not having to do heavy lifting and moving. Even if you are in great shape as a runner, basketball player or do aerobics, moving is different. Most people do not know how to properly lift, load and unload a truck for hours on end. Improper technique can create injuries that you don’t want.  
Safe Lifting

#2: Protect your valuables:

Our San Diego truck loading professionals are trained to load your truck properly, while still protecting your belongings at the same time. If belongings are not properly loaded and packed on a truck, it is easy for damages to occur. 

#3: Save your walls and doors:
The most difficult part of moving for the amateur is lifting heavy items, and then getting them into or out of your home without destroying your walls and your possessions. Leave this work to a professional San Diego truck loading company to ensure your belongings are safe, your walls will be protected and your doors will be safeguarded from scuffs and dents. 

#4. Finish moving faster
Our professional San Diego truck loaders are trained to be fast and efficient. Particularly if your home has challenging angles, small entry points, or stairs, our professional San Diego truck loaders will be able to have you relaxing in your lounge chair much faster at the end of the evening then if you were to move.

#5. You can easily rent a truck but would be costly to rent all of the right moving equipment to protect your valuables. We include everything you need. 
Even though you are renting your own moving truck, there are still many other supplies that are needed to safely move including; dollies, straps, shrink wrap for furniture, bungee cords, blankets, protective padding, and complimentary wardrobe boxes to use the day of your move worth $75 in savings. All of these items are very important to effectively load and unload your rental truck in San Diego, and start enjoying your new home right away.

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How to Save Money Moving and Save Time Unpacking!  

If boxes are labeled, movers know what room to put the boxes in at your new home. Oodles of time will be saved unpacking if each box is placed in the room that it belongs in. Also, there will be no delays with your movers not knowing where to place boxes which will save you money.