How To Move Pets To California

Many of our customers ask us how to move pets to California.  Moving is a very involved process, and we don’t want to forget about the proper way to move our beloved animals. Remember, moving is more stressful to animals then it is to humans, not to mention that it ranks high on the list for the most stressful thing that a person can do.

Health Information About How to Move Pets to California

  • Take your pet to the vet and have the dog or cat checked before you move. If your pet has had motion sickness before and you will be driving or flying, you can receive medication for your pet.
  • Get a health certificate for your pet. This is required when you are moving state to state. You could be asked for proof of this at any time. The health certificate for California must be dated 10 days of he flight.
  • Current Rabies vaccination is required before moving into California with a pet.

How to Move Pets & Care For Them as You Move

  • Do not feed or water your pet for a few hours prior to your move. If you are driving, feed them once daily. The pets are upset and off their routine. Additional food needs to be digested, which is sometimes challenging with an upset pet.
  • Make sure to invest in a comfortable pet carrier. The pet carrier should be large enough for the pet to stand up straight in with proper ventilation. If you wouldn’t like being in the carrier, then go up a size.
  • Make sure NOT to lock the kennel. It would seem natural to think you should lock it, but Federal regulations require that your pet can get in or out if an emergency occurs.
  • If you are flying with your pet, make sure and let your pet have some exercise at the airport. The same applies to driving. Take breaks and let your dog not only go to the bathroom, but get some exercise.

How to Move Pets in The Care

  • Make sure not to let your pet hang out the window. It may be cute and fun, but it is actually very dangerous. Many items can fly into their eye and create infections. However, in saying this make sure your pets get air to help prevent motion sickness. (Air conditioning can help, but nothing is better then some fresh air)
  • If you have to leave your pet alone in the car, do not be gone for a long time. Make sure to leave all the windows cracked open for cross ventilation. Make sure the pet has water.  Never leave a pet in the car overnight!

Staying In a Hotel With Your Pet

Find a hotel that accepts pets. There are many hotels that do accept pets, and often only charge a slight bit more to house them.

Hotels that accept animals

When You Arrive At Your New Home

Remember that when your pet arrives at your new home, they are more confused then you. Make sure you walk with your pet around the house so they know that you believe everyplace is safe. Be careful not to keep the doors open while moving as your pet will be very disoriented.

More Pet Information for State California

Department of Agriculture- 916-654-0881

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