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How do I save money by using Discount Movers? 
Most local moving companies charge by the hour.  Our movers are so efficient that they typically do 2 jobs per day.  We have a 20+ year track record of almost always completing the job for the estimated price our customers were quoted over the phone.  By completing your job quickly, with one of the lowest damage claims in the industry, you are saving a lot of money. How to Save Money Moving  with Discount Movers Tips

How do you charge for moving services?
We charge hourly.  The hourly rate is dependent on how many movers are being utilized and the day of the week you are moving.  It is less expensive to move Monday-Thursday then it is the weekend. This is a quick way to save money if you have that flexibility. In addition, there is a minimum amount of hours charged based on the size of the move and the distance between moving locations.

Can I have multiple pickups and/or drop-offs for my move? 
Yes.  We often will stop at storage units, other people’s homes, or anywhere where you need furniture and belongings transported. Additional costs will be incurred as we have an hourly charge. This must be scheduled in advance with your moving consultant  over the phone.

If my move goes longer than the minimum hours that I was given in my estimate, how am I charged?
We do not round up to the nearest hour like most moving companies.  We charge in 15 minute increments. As an example, if your moving time is 4 hours and 15 minutes most companies will charge 5 hours.  We will only charge you 4 hours and 15 minutes (i.e. if it is $100 per hour and your move goes an additional 15 minutes you would be charged an additional $25).

Why do you give phone estimates versus coming to our house?
As Discount Movers, we provide value everywhere we can. Our services are charged by the hour versus the weight (like long distance companies in San Diego).  We have an effective process to help us understand what we will be moving over the phone to provide our customers with an estimate. This helps keep our costs low. We pass on this savings to our customers. On occasion we need to go in person but for 99% of moves this is an added cost our customers don’t want or need.

How often are your total move costs higher than the estimated cost that was given over the phone?
With over 20 years of experience, we have a very solid track record of giving accurate phone estimates. However, we are moving by the hour and there are variables outside of our control. If the inventory we are given over the phone is quite a bit different than what we move, this will increase time. If our customer isn’t packed and we are slowed down, this will increase the time. If our customers give us an accurate inventory and are totally packed before we arrive, our estimates are very accurate.

Do you charge more if I have stairs or elevators?
No we don’t charge more for this but we do charge by the hour.  The longer it takes to move your belongings the more you will be charged. With a lot of stairs or elevators, often more movers are needed. When there are a lot of stairs or elevators and we recommend more movers, this will save you money and protect your valuables. They will be faster and will be able to do the job properly and more efficiently.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my move? 
We recommend scheduling your move 2 weeks prior to your move date.  You can schedule with less notice (sometimes even the day before your move) but you have a much better chance of securing your desired moving date and time scheduling 2 weeks in advance.

Do I need to put a deposit down payment to schedule a move? 
No, payment is due the day of the move. We do ask as a courtesy though if your moving date changes that you let us know ideally, at least, 48 hours in advance.  If we are not given sufficient notice we may not be able to schedule another move for the movers so please be courteous.

If details of my move change do I need to call Discount Movers?
Yes.  It is very important to let us know if your amount of items being moved, locations, or any other pertinent information has changed.  The time allotted for your price estimate, truck size, and the number of movers being utilized are all based on the information you give to our phone representatives when you schedule the move.

What is the difference between a local moving company and a long distance moving company in San Diego?
A local moving company like Discount Movers will move only within Greater Southern California whereby a long distance mover can move you anywhere in the country.  The difference in price for a local move can be quite substantial when choosing between a long distance moving company and a local moving company.

We will be moving from out of state to San Diego. Can you just unload our truck once we arrive? How do I schedule this?
You will want to schedule a moving time with one of our moving consultants over the phone.  We will arrive at your unloading location on the scheduled moving day with the proper amount of movers and moving equipment.   We will then unload your rental truck or portable container into your new residence.

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