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Do I need to pack all of my items prior to the movers arriving?
Yes, unless you have hired Discount Movers professional packing services, you will need to pack yourself. This will help you save money. If everything is packed in sealed moving boxes than the movers can be faster and more efficient. When paying by the hour this saves you money.

Do you offer professional packing services?
Yes, we can also pack all of your items for an additional charge. Please note, this is never done the same day as your scheduled move. Typically, we come the day before your move and pack all of your small, loose items into boxes.  We’ll have everything packed and ready to go for your move the following day.

You will need to tell your moving consultant that you want packing and to move, and they will schedule the packers for you the day prior to your move.  The same rates and minimums apply to pack, in addition to supply charges for the boxes, tape, paper, etc.

How do I pack for my move?
Use high-quality boxes that are meant for moving. These are stackable, strong and designed for moving. Fill your boxes to the top and crumple up newspaper to fill in gaps. Be sure to label your boxes with where you want your box moved to (kitchen, master bedroom, downstairs office) and a one-word description of what is inside (pots and pans).  This helps our movers know which rooms to place your boxes in without having to ask you each time and know how fragile they are to make stacking decisions. See our packing videos for helpful tips

How Can Labeling My Boxes Save Me Money on the Cost of My Move?
Labeling boxes save you money with local San Diego moving companies because there is no delay. When your movers arrive to your new home, they can unload boxes in all the correct rooms without having to ask you. Imagine five minutes for each box and having to open up boxes to see where they should be placed. It literally could add hours to a move.

What is the Best Thing I Can Do To Make Unpacking Faster and Easier in My New Home?
Label your moving boxes with the room you want each box to be placed in. Not only does this save you money, but it will save you hours and hour of time unpacking. If boxes are not labeled, you will end up with all of your boxes stacked up in your main room. You will have to open up each box one by one and transport them to the proper room, often even going upstairs. Instead, let our professional San Diego movers do this work for you. With Discount Movers services and labeled boxes, you will unpack quickly.

Do I need to empty my dressers, bookcases, entertainment centers or any other large household items?
Yes.  All small, loose items should be completely taken out of large furniture pieces.  You do not need to take the drawers out but want to have all the contents within them removed.   All the loose items should be packed in a box.

Can the movers move my boxes that are not sealed? 
No, we cannot.  Loose items can get broken and fly out of the box while the truck is moving.  All loose items need to be in a box that is taped up and stackable.  If you do not have the ability to properly pack your items our packers can come the day before to pack you properly for an additional charge.

Do I need to label my boxes? 
If all of the boxes are going to the same location, like a garage or storage than you do not need to label them.   If, at some point, you will need to know what room the boxes need to be moved into than the boxes will need to be labeled on the top and side of each box.

How do I protect my mattress?
We sell mattress bags for an additional cost.  Please let our moving consultant know when you are scheduling the move that you would like to buy a mattress cover.

How do I pack skis? Generally, skis are best to be taken in your vehicle.  If that is not possible we can pad and transport your skis in our moving truck.

How do I pack a basketball hoop?
A basketball hoop takes up quite a bit of space.  Depending on the number of items you are moving we may be able to take the basketball hoop in its entirety.  Most of the time, however, you will want to have it broken down so it will take up less room in the moving truck allowing us to move all of your household items.

Should I pack with bubble wrap or packing paper? What is the difference?
If done properly, either method is equally as effective.

Do you sell lamp boxes?
We do not sell boxes but MovingBoxDelivery.com is a great resource for all your moving supply needs.

Will shrink wrap hurt my leather furniture?
The short answer is yes.  It is not a good idea to leave shrink wrap on your couch for an extended period as it can discolor and/or attach to the leather.

Do you offer unpacking services?
We will remove pads and place your household furniture and boxes where you want them to be placed in your new residence.  However, we do not open and unpack boxes.

How should I pack up computers and monitors so they are not damaged?
Monitors and computers should be properly packed into a box.  Please refer to our packing tips.  Computers and monitors should be taken in your vehicle along with any other sensitive electronic items.

I need to keep my belongings in storage for 6 months. Is there any special way to pack? What is not a good idea to store?
Shrink wrap and bubble wrap can adhere to and change the coloring for certain fabrics over an extended period.  It is best to consult with the manufacturer the proper way to store a specific item.

How should I pack a waterbed?
First of all the 90’s are over.  All kidding aside, the waterbed should be completely drained and dried out prior to moving.  Refer to the owners manual as to how to properly pack the waterbed prior to transit as different manufacturers have different ways of how the waterbed should be transported.

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