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I don’t need a moving truck, do you offer a service to just load or unload my household items from a rental truck or storage container?
Yes, we can load or unload your rental truck or portable storage container based on the number of household items and the logistics of the move.

Does your moving crew know how to properly load a San Diego Pod or portable storage unit?
Yes. There are many best practice tips on properly loading a portable storage unit so things don’t move or compress on other valuables. We provide this service daily and will properly load your items.

Will shrink wrap hurt my leather furniture?
The short answer is yes.  It is not a good idea to leave shrink wrap on your couch for an extended period as it can discolor and/or attach to the leather.  If your items will be in storage for an extended period please refer to your furniture’s manufacturer for proper storing.

I need to keep my belongings in storage for 6 months. Is there any special way to pack? What is not a good idea to store?
Shrink wrap and bubble wrap can adhere to and change the coloring for certain fabrics over an extended period.  It is best to consult with the manufacturer the proper way to store a specific item.

How do you help me not need as large of a storage unit?
We can work with you in order for you to maximize your storage unit.  However, it is always best practice to consult with the storage unit manager on site as to the optimal storage size because ceiling heights vary per storage location.

How do your truck loading services work?
We will move your household goods into your rental truck or storage container the same way we would load the items into our truck with one exception.  You will want to have pads and nylon rope or bungie cords to safely secure the items into your truck or storage container so items do not get damaged in transit.

We will be moving from out of state to San Diego. Can you just unload our truck once we arrive? How do I schedule this?
You will want to schedule a moving time with one of our moving consultants over the phone.  We will arrive at your unloading location on the scheduled moving day with the proper amount of movers and moving equipment.   We will then unload your rental truck or portable container into your new residence.

Will your guys drive our rental truck?
No.  Due to insurance requirements we are not able to drive your rental truck.  If you are moving locally we charge the same rate whether we move with your truck or ours and our trucks are fitted with all the necessary supplies and equipment.

Do your movers know how to pack a storage unit to maximize the space?
Absolutely,  we have been in business for over 20 years and our movers have a tremendous amount of experience.  We will completely maximize the storage space you are renting.

Why would I go with a portable storage or a regular storage unit?
The decision is based on the logistics of your move.  Are you eventually moving out of state whereby it would be cheaper to have a portable storage that can be relocated for less than the cost of a long distance moving company?  On the flip side, are you eventually moving locally and you want easy access to your unit and do not want it being moved by the portable storage company?  There is no one size fits all answer but our moving consultants can help you navigate through the decision-making process and help you pick the best option for your needs.

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