Different Types of Loading & Unloading Services

Hire a professional San Diego Moving Company to load/unload YOUR truck

Discount Movers will load or unload you San Diego moving truck OR we can use one of our truck from our fleet of fully equipped moving trucks.

Did you schedule the rental of a truck elsewhere and would like for us to load several San Diego moving boxes, furniture, and/or other heavy items into it?

Are you moving out of state in a portable moving and storage container and would like for our professional San Diego Movers to load or unload it for you?


Do you need help loading or unloading into your San Diego storage unit? Leave your San Diego loading and unloading needs to our professional San Diego movers at Discount Movers.

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Are you interested in full service moving? Discount Movers also has a complete fleet of professional San Diego moving trucks that are fully equipped with dollies, straps, bungee cords, blankets, protective padding, door protectors, and complimentary wardrobe boxes. All of these items are very important to effectively move and protect your belongings.

Call for a free estimate to see how many hours it would require to load and/or unload your belongings into YOUR San Diego moving truck: (858)490-0155

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