Popular SDSU Moving Services

Moving to or from an on campus apartment or off campus house?

If you are looking for a SDSU mover in San Diego, look no farther. Our San Diego movers are here to help make your move a success with one of the SDSU moving services that we offer.

The Most Popular SDSU Moving Services For Students and Faculty Are:

1.Full Service Moving with Professional Movers, Moving Trucks and Moving Supplies

  • Lowest prices with many FREE items! Discount Movers will provide a professionally equip moving truck, dollies, FREE wardrobe boxes, FREE shrink wrap and professional San Diego movers. All moves include two professional movers who can either pack and/or move your home from one place in San Diego to another. 

2. Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

  • Save Your Back- You rent a U-haul and/or any rental truck and Discount Movers will do all of the loading. This is a great solution if you are moving your belongings from San Diego to another state and just need help loading your furniture from your home into your truck.
  • Moving to San Diego? If you are moving FROM another state to San Diego to attend school at SDSU, Discount Movers will unload your rental truck and move all of your furniture and boxes into your new home.

3. Storage Moving

  • Peace of Mind-If you are going home for the summer, but want to keep your belongings in storage for just the summer months, Discount Movers will move you into any storage unit you would like. Then when you come back to San Diego State University for school, Discount Movers will move you from your storage unit back into your new dorm, or apartment.
  • Helpful tip: Check out “Big Box Storage” as a cost effective way to store your belongings over the summer. 1-888-BIG-BOX-1
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