Our California moving insurance guide will provide you with the essential information that you need to know. If you are hiring a professional, licensed and insured moving company like Discount Movers, there are certain insurance protections that are included free of charge. This is called “Basic Valuation Insurance.”

Basic valuation moving insurance is included free of charge for any licensed and insured California moving company in California.  It is the valuation that provides 60 cents of reimbursement per POUND.

Example: A 200-pound item (even if it is worth $10,000), you would receive .60 cents x 200 =$120.

Free moving insurance coverage works well if your damaged item is lightweight and is not expensive. Large, heavy furniture items get pennies on the dollar if there is damage, which is why there are third-party insurance coverage options exist.

California Moving Insurance Guide- What Is Full Replacement Coverage Moving Insurance?

If you want to receive full replacement value for your valuables in the event of moving damages, you need to purchase full replacement moving insurance 48 hours before your scheduled move. This can be done from companies like Baker Insurance free valuation insurance and some moving companies sell this. (DiscountMovers does not)  Sometimes this is also covered through home insurance policies, so be sure to check your specific insurance coverage.

-At Moving Insurance.com , prices start from $30 a policy on up with a $250 deductible if there are any moving damages.

Can I Buy Full Replacement Coverage for Only One Or Two Valuable Items Like a Large Big Screen TV?

The answer is YES; depending on the company you go with. For example, 
Moving Insurance.com provides the option to buy full replacement coverage for moving insurance for televisions, single items, and smaller local moves.

Baker Insurance does not offer this option and really specializes in very large, cross-country moves. Baker requires that you buy coverage your entire home, and they have a minimum deductible of $1000 and a minimum policy size of $250. (The cost of our total average move for insurance is $300-$400)

California Moving Insurance Guide- How Much Does Moving Insurance Cost? 

Discount Mover’s customers receive special rates from Moving Insurance.com, which specializes in local, smaller moves. Call 1-888-893-8835 for more information.

Example Scenario:
If you are moving, you pay x amount for the policy depending on how many things you want to cover. For example, a $30 policy would cover up to $2000 worth of coverage. The monthly cost goes up as you want to insure more items. In the event of moving damages, you would pay a $250 deductible but would receive like or better than what you had.

Example: Let’s say a $2000 TV gets damaged, for $280 you would receive a brand new T.V. of the same size and quality if it was damaged as a result of the move.

California (CA) Moving Insurance Guide- What is The Coverage if You Pack Your Own Moving Boxes?

Many people do not know some of the benefits of hiring your moving company to also pack your home. There are advantages in doing this if there are damages.

Hiring a professional moving company to pack your home in moving boxes will enable you to receive more money back in the event there is a damage claim.

The advantages depend on if you are using the FREE valuable coverage in California, or you are paying for third party moving insurance and getting full coverage.

Basic Valuation Coverage Cost if You Pack Yourself- California Moving Insurance Guide

For Basic Valuation Coverage, you will still get .60 cents a pound regardless if you packed it or not, as long as the moving box shows physical damage that occurred from the move.  However, if the box does not show damage on the outside right after the move, then there is not compensation.

Full Moving Insurance Coverage if You Pack Yourself- California Moving Insurance Guide 

If you purchase full coverage moving insurance and want 100% coverage, then you need to hire your moving company to pack all of your items in moving boxes. If you don’t, you will only receive partial coverage if there are damages. This is what is called a “Do It Yourself Move,” even though a professional moved you.

Example Moving Insurance Coverage of a DIY Move: 
The coverage limitations of a Do It Your Self (DIY) move for the third party purchased insurance can vary from company to company. [pullquote]At Baker the limitation of coverage is $250 a box and only includes up to $2500 in damages. [/pullquote](10 missing boxes).  

In addition, almost all moving insurance companies require that the moving boxes would have to show physical damage on the outside of the box to have a claim. (Be sure to check with the moving insurance company that you go with.)

What is The Best Thing I Can Do To Protect My Valuables?

1. Hire Discount Movers. We have the lowest claims rating in the industry and we are the top rated local San Diego moving company. Mistakes do happen, but we are good at what we do and have a very low rate of claims for the high volume of moves that we do.

2. Use high quality moving boxes and fill them to the top. (Filled boxes are stronger)

3. Move fragile electronic items that you no longer have the manufactures box for in your own car. (Moving trucks have more vibration than cars do)

4. Hire Discount Movers to pack your valuables. If you buy moving insurance, this will provide you with the top level of coverage.

5. Move very valuable things yourself. If you have a box of diamonds and expensive jewelry, move it yourself versus paying a moving company, then paying insurance on top of it.


Happy moving!