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When moving to San Diego, our San Diego movers frequently gets asked “who are the San Diego home service providers?” Therefore, Discount Movers has put together a list of San Diego companies that are most commonly contacted when moving to San Diego, and/or when moving from one part of San Diego to another. Discount Movers hopes that this San Diego moving resource saves you time when moving to San Diego. Click here to change all your important addresses before you move! 

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Television Services in San Diego

Internet Services in San Diego

Phone Services in San Diego
Gas and Electric Services in San Diego

San Diego Trash and Recycling Services
Residents, who live in the City of San Diego Proper, have free trash and recycling services by the City of San Diego. Each home includes one complimentary trash can and one blue recycling bin. To see if your new San Diego home falls under the City of San Diego trash pick up call 858-694-7000. Recycling is picked up every other week and trash is picked up each week.
Please note, if you place your moving boxes on the curb they will NOT be picked up.

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