Unique & Fun Activities For Toddlers in San Diego

Moving To San Diego with Toddlers?

Are you moving to San Diego with toddlers and wondering what types of unique fun activities there are there to do with your toddler in San Diego? The great news is there are SO many FUN activities to do with toddlers and kids in San Diego California. If you are moving to San Diego with toddlers you will be overjoyed to learn about all of the interesting, educational activities there are to make your little ones smile. The opportunities are endless!

Discount Movers Top Unique Picks of Fun Activities For Toddlers Are:

#1. San Diego Childrens Museum


Located in downtown San Diego, the San Diego Children’s Museum is very fun and educational for toddlers and for bigger kids. With constantly changing exhibits, activities and events, painting, drawing, arts and crafts and cultural events in San Diego, the San Diego Children’s Museums is a MUST see for families and toddlers. Note: You can buy an annual membership where you can visit with an unlimited pass which is well worth it.

#2. San Diego Childrens Garden in Encinitas


The Encinitas Children’s garden is a peaceful get away for parents and a toddlers fantasy land. In San Diego, most people don’t have big yards. The wonderful thing about the San Diego Children’s garden is toddlers and kids can run and play without being in harms way. If you are moving to San Diego with toddlers, you will definitely want to check out the San Diego Children’s Garden. They have two gardens, one is the “Seeds of Wonder” for kids under 4, and the other garden is ideal for kids of all ages with a huge tree-house and so many things to do and see.

TIP: Make sure your kids wear socks and tennis shoes versus “Crocs” or sandals. They will get dirt in their shoes. Make sure to bring a change of clothes, as there is some water play where they could get wet.

#3. Train Museum in Balboa Park


The Train Museum in San Diego is so much fun for toddlers and for kids. Kids are amazed at the train displays and run around the building like they are at Disneyland!

#4. Santee Lakes

The Santee Lakes is an escape that many people in San Diego don’t even know about.

  • With nine amazing lakes, quiet scenery and tons of things to do, the Santee Lakes is a wonderful fun activity to do with toddlers in San Diego.
  • There is a spray ground, fishing grounds, boat rentals, paths and multiple playgrounds all over the property.

Note: There is an admission fee to enter; but is well worth it!

Moving To San Diego With Toddlers? Try These Fun Activities With Your Kids!

If you are moving to San Diego with toddlers or kids, there are so many fun activities to do including the following:

  1. Sea World
  2. Lego Land (Don’t forget the water park and the aquarium)
  3. Go to “Kid City” for Toddlers…it is great!
  4. Old Town- Eat Mexican food and walk around
  5. Beaches and bays….everywhere. Bring your sand toys!
  6. Check out all the community centers, as there are many activities for toddlers.
  7. Take the water taxi from Coronado to downtown.
  8. Map out all the playgrounds RIGHT on the beach!
  9. Ride a bike on mission bay with your little one behind you.
  10. Balboa Park offers science classes for toddlers that are amazing!
  11. Ride the train with your toddlers around Balboa Park.
  12. Watch the seals in La Jolla.
  13. Go to some of the indoor playgrounds….my favorite is Playtown!
  14. Watch a puppet show at Balboa park.
  15. Take your toddlers to paint at the San Diego Children’s museum and keep your floors clean!
  16. Watch for “Baby Disco” to come to your local area. You can dance with your toddlers!
  17. Rent a boat at mission bay with your kids.
  18. Go to the Sunday concerts in the summer at the Coronado bay!

If you are moving to San Diego with Toddlers, you will love the fact that there are so many FUN activities to do with your little ones.

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